Featured Wedding: Lora and Alex 6/22/13

Lora and Alex were the very first wedding of our Summer season and what a great way for us to kick off a very hot, very busy season!  Lora loved the mansion so much, she had reserved it before she was even engaged!  We knew, with someone that enthusiastic about mansion, it would be a stunning affair.

It was a beautiful day and Lora put a lot of thought into every elegant detail.  She worked with Sharon Elizabeth flowers to create stunning, romantic bouquets with sparkling details and subtle and lovely centerpieces on each table.  David Alan catering put together a delicious feast for the guests to enjoy and Kim’s Cottage Confections assembled a beautiful cake adorned with buttercream flourishes.  Lora surprised Alex, an avid Star Wars fan, with an R2D2 grooms cake.

When we met Lora a couple weeks prior to her wedding for a details meeting, she was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the planning and logistics of it all.  One service we provide is meeting with the bride and groom to go over all of the details of the day to make sure nothing is forgotten or slips through the cracks.  We like to be sure our bride and grooms are at ease and feel like all is taken care of the day of the wedding. It seems by the time our meeting was over, she was feeling much more confident and when Lora arrived on her wedding day, she was simply stunning, completely at ease and ready to enjoy her wedding day!

Alex got ready at the hotel and arrived excited to see his bride
The ceremony took place in the tennis pavilion where the roses on the trellis were in full bloom

The couple and wedding party followed the ceremony with formal pictures in the front and back of the mansion

Then the celebrations continued with dancing and merriment!

Congratulations to Lora and Alex!  It was truly a joy to see your wedding come to life.  We wish you all the best in the years to come!
Photography: Minyan Zhu
Cake: Kim’s Cottage Confections
Music: RSVP

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