Wadsworth Mansion Featured Wedding – Jenny & Tyler

The weekend of beautiful weather (and weddings!) went out with a bang on Sunday with Jenny and Tyler’s wedding. Jenny and Tyler booked the Mansion for their wedding back in January while they were living in Las Vegas, prior to visiting the Mansion! We first met them at our Annual Wedding Show in February and they immediately stood out because Kristy ended up naming her son Tyler, who was born only 5 days later!
Jenny looked absolutely stunning in her gown, and the pink accents of roses and hydrangea were a beautiful backdrop to the white of the Mansion. The couple used different countries, such as Cambodia, Singapore, and Monaco to name their tables. They will be visiting many of these countries on their three-month honeymoon excursion around the world.
Below are some of our favorite shots, taken by Pat. And to view an amazing video of their wedding by Weddings by FortyOneTwenty out of California, click here!

*****Pro Photos are in!*************
Here are some of our favorites, from The Jorgensens Photography

Photos by Larissa Lake:

Congratulations, Jenny & Tyler! We wish you many years of happiness together!
Catering by: AquaTurf Club
Flowers by: Sharon Elizabeths
Hair and makeup by: Larissa Lake
Videography by: 4120

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